Sunday, 13 October 2013

[F&B] Restaurant Week - Equinox Restaurant, Swissotel the Stamford, Cityhall

Restaurant Week is here (see here for high quality photos taken with sony rx100)!

For our first stop, the man decided to have dinner at Equinox. There were 2 different options for each course, so we chose one of each to sample what they had to offer.
I am bad with words and description, so i declare this a photo-spam post instead. However, as these photos are taken with my iphone, the photos taken at night tend to be grainy and slightly blur (and the lack of lighting in the restaurant didn't really help much). *random shout-out: i need a good camera*

3 Course Set Dinner - $55++ per pax (additional $20 for window view):

The seaweed butter was unique, and it complements lightly flavoured bread well:

Black Olive bread:
Onion and cheese:


i. Grilled Vegetable Salad, Goat Cheese, Quail Egg, Frisee Lettuce, Horseradish
I am not a salad person. That said, grilling has brought out the sweetness of the various vegetables, and the quail egg's yolk was still slightly runny. Not the best salad i have eaten, and appetiser wise, i prefer the tuna tartare (below).

ii. Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Crispy Onion, Soy and Lime Vinaigrette
I love the presentation. The tuna tartare was light, and paired with avocado, it was a refreshing appetiser.


i. Poached Salmon Fillet, Star Anise Oil, Braised Lettuce, Beetroot Gnocchi, Razor Clam Sauce
It was a little too dark to see the dish properly. The razor clam was fresh, but i thought that the salmon was a little fishy to my liking. The braised lettuce and beetroot gnocchi was tastefully done.

ii. Breast and Thigh of Chicken, Potato Terrine, Morels, Cauliflower, Toasted Almonds, Roasted Onion
The potato terrine was well baked, and the chicken paired well with morels. Preferred this to the poached salmon.


i. Violet Wild Strawberry, Granite, Almond Sable, Meringue
On the overall, a very flavourful dish that was not too sweet.

ii. Verbena Apricot, Preserved Blood Peach Jelly, Lemongrass Sorbet
I love the lemongrass sorbet, but i thought that the preserved blood peach jelly and verbena apricot were overly sweet. (actually, i thought it was hawthorn and not blood peach at first bite)

We had a bottle of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial for the night. Promotional price was $99++.

And of course, being on level 70 of Swissotel the Stamford (2 Stamford Road SG(178882)), the view was their selling point. We reached the restaurant at 6.30pm, and you can really see the transition from day to night. Here's some photos taken at various timing of the evening:

I think that going to Equinox during restaurant week is very worthwhile, as they maintained their food quality despite the much lower prices. If you are running out of dating ideas, why not look out for the next round of restaurant week?

Equinox Restaurant
Swissotel the Stamford
2 Stamford Road
Singapore 178882

Brunch on Sunday, 11am - 2.30pm
Lunch on Mon-Sat, 12nn - 2.30pm
High Tea everyday, 3.30pm - 5pm
Dinner everyday, 6.30pm - 10.30pm

Reservations online / phone (68373322) / email (

PS. see here for high quality photos taken with sony RX100!

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